Hobby Limit

by boy scouts

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the songs on this mini album were written, performed, and recorded by me! taylor vick. and mastered by mike ditrio.

this is available in tape form and digital download form ::

many many thanks to u <3 <3 <3


released September 22, 2017


all rights reserved



boy scouts Oakland, California


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Track Name: Full Bloom
i remember when
i saw you in
full bloom, do you?
but now there's nothing
left for me to do

as a favor to a friend
i'll deny it was win
i would've tried until the end
but maybe that's just who i am
i'll pretend i'm interested
but my life has just ended
i'll retire to my bed
to crawl back inside my head
Track Name: Not in Yosemite
i didn't think it'd be this bad
i didn't think it'd be this bad

turn on a podcast and tap out
there is no need to clap now


back out
of your
Track Name: My Orchids Are Dying
easy does the wave come
just like it leaves
i could be a metaphorical
cue to leave

am i boring
i'm not bearing anything
in fact i've got somewhere to be

my orchids are dying
can't find a parking spot
everyones afraid to admit
it's not the city they once thought
Track Name: Queen
you didn't hug me like you meant it
until we were done
while you're closing your eyes
i bleed in the sun

but i don't regret
if you were wondering like i was

your song came on but i was not alone
while you packed my things i changed your name in my phone
familiarity is now ending
undoing the last string of my being

got a queen sized bed with a blanket for a twin
where i hardly sleep but i think of gin
going down your throat into your stomach
breathing a new life every other night
you took my hand but now i've got my own
to figure out how to live a life alone
but i've given up
on the practice of
sleeping in a bed for two
as one
Track Name: Ought 2
if you really ought to know
best figure it out on your own
dreams of romance holding both hands
if you really ought to know

if you've really got to go
best make it known then make it so
dreams of friendship
or something like that
man i've really got to go

bad at goodbyes
my whole life
good at bad times
my whole life

bad at goodbyes
my whole life
i don't take my good advice
Track Name: Nike
i learn something new
every other day
i don't know what i'd do
if you just walked away
incase of earthquake
or minor heartbreak
take just what's valuable
somehow then walk away

o my friend
if you could do it would you
do it

we are all full
of rocks and rubble
some more than others
thank the founding mothers
send me to space
oh i'd go if it were free!
dying to see if on a
different planet we'd be happy

o my friend
if you could do it would you
Track Name: St. Francis Fountain
she sang a song
to no one
said i don't want to undress you
i just want to impress you
ten thousand thoughts
have you in a lot
the airports closed, can i wear your clothes?

i'm in my mind, all of the time
i'm in my mind, where no one can die

a stupid crush
i hate so much
my eyes are closed
i still see yours though
but please unsee me
i'm not your baby
oh please unsee me
i'm not your baby

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