Homeroom Breakfast

by boy scouts

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written and recorded by me during 2015-2016 in brooklyn NY (cooper st) and san francisco (lawton and dog houses)

i played a lot of other peoples instruments all over this so i would like to thank
rosie's piano, drums, glockenspiel, bass
scott's guitar
ben's bass

art by Nora Einbender-Luks

cassette available for purchase on mthomearts.com


released September 25, 2016


all rights reserved



boy scouts Oakland, California


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Track Name: Ode
we're still alive
in august with no goddamn progress
where do you go
like to and fro
i want you to know
i love you so

we don't say it
but we don't need to

the world doesn't need me like the world needs you

twenty five
barely getting by
but yor still the guy i look up to do you know why
everything great has an expiration date?
genetically bound we are is it fate
Track Name: I mean these things
everything i write is the same and
everything i mean i don't say
you and i fall right out of the category
Track Name: Marinate
i'm an introvert
attracted to the
extrovert lifestyle
can i be me
if i change my mind
and be more worthwhile
i haven't thought a
bout someone dying in a long time
can you tell that i'm trying, i'm trying
not to

in hideaways
and airplanes
my solitudes allowed
though quickly fading
in my own doubt

color coordinate my cells
fornicate farewells
marinate it well
Track Name: July 9 2015
strangers try to read me
and i am out of coffee
i don't know what's worse
i never come in first
place is where you find things like
yourself and meaning
but that costs a lot of money
the splendors in the scummy

i find me in light mist
i find me in distance
i find me in the rearview
i find me in you

i never know the best routes
my best friend has tear droughts
malls have all the variety
everyone has anxiety
you are a tree and i am wood
it doesn't make me feel good
they say not to compare
but the truths are still there

a book you misread
the opposite of dead
new but stale bread
was it something i said?
Track Name: 23
i don’t take it well when you make me cry
i promise i’m normally a stand up guy
i’m a selfish hugger
you’re a confusing lover

when i go to the sea
and see it all before me
sprawled as sprawled could be
i know i’m less than mist
less than this
grocery list
i am

tracing your shadow across the pavement
i still remember all the things we try not to forget
i still remember all the things we try to forget

when i hear the words but don't know what they mean
i revert into teenage me
it's beautiful but lonely
i feel i'm becoming
what it means
to be 23
i'm becoming
what it means to be 23
to be

tracing your shadow across the pavement
i still remember all the things we try not to forget
and i still remember all the things we try to forget
and i still remember all the things we try to forget
Track Name: Did You See My Cry
i can keep four friendships alive
that's my quota for this life
cigarettes out front the laundromat
say what you said and take it back
to the sewer where it swells
like some twisted fairytale
to make up for unsubtlety
i'm stuck in somebody else's make believe
the winter that i learned to fly
you pretend you didn't see me cry
well neither did i, neither did i
don't look in my eyes
Track Name: Half-conscious
you think so
you basically said so
Track Name: Blue
how many ways can i
be rejected by you
subconsciously i fall
into the rabbits hole
that’s it i’m blue

truly i’m, feeling gooey i’m, not old or new
i’m inbetween, the landing
and departing view

the view
the view
the very first thought of you
the very first thought of you

what’s the point of making sense
when you got nothing left
inside to prove
nothing left to believe
a heart on a sleeve
was my best move

my best move was pairing up with you
what did we do
truly i’m
still feeling gooey, i’m
some shade of blue

the very first sight of you
the very first sight of you
Track Name: The park behind walmart
what do you think of me
when i fall asleep before the movies done
i don’t know where i'd rather be
than sittin with you on my first front lawn

walking walmart shopping center
i’d never been better
on my own two feet
i guess
i guess i wouldn’t have known better
had it not been handed down to me

but i could not stay
and you could not stay
did i go the wrong way
will i remember this day

what do you think of me
when i go to bed before brushing my teeth
i’ve still not got a cavity
my dentist would be proud of me
what do i think of me
when i leave something incomplete
do i know what the next line should be
i’ve got the power to change something
that i don’t like

but i could not stay
always been this way
nothing left to say
no more grey and beige

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